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To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds and examine their pursuits and aversions.”

Marcus Aurelius

Celestial Greetings and Blessings!

This is the inaugural blog for NewEarthNetwork and my name is Samuel Stewart. Each week we will help recap the Network’s Tuesday panel discussion. This week covers, “Reincarnation, One life or Many?”

Our panel, which is filled with amazing seekers, healers, writers, musicians, teachers, energy workers, philosophers, and advocates for truth, spirit, healing, and other collected super-duper-powers, gather together to chit chat and share moments of growth so each and everyone can learn with the support of experience.

Although I believe it can be done, I write to you today not as someone who has traveled the astral plane but as someone who appreciates the journey of others. I believe in reincarnation even though I am without experience of any of my own past lives.

As an enthusiastic learner, I am a seeker all about being a better me. My daily activities are often referred to by others as “HARD!”

  • An 8-hour meditation? Sign me up!
  • Have an exercise session with 400 burpees? Let’s do it!
  • Practice a martial art where it’s failure to use strength and muscle but success to use intuition and flow? Count me in!
  • I am the first in line, superfan, while I manage to stay focused and hold enough humility to be open to new information that can challenge me and help me grow.

I experience a dawning in life or a shift that holds specific meaning for me through a format that resembles a black and white movie. As the hero of the story, I make the choice to open the door and a world of color is suddenly revealed. It’s the great and mighty “AH-HA!.”

These Ah-Ha moments can be a mental plateau, a deeper intuitional understanding, or a realization of a true friendship. I even experience dawning’s in martial arts when I let go of my ego and relax just enough to feel the flow of movement.

I live for these moments, even tussle and battle for them.

When we level up into a new world of color, we experience a dawning, a leaving behind of our black and white versions.

Essentially, we reincarnate. 

Such it is with spiritual dawning during the sharing of opinions, experiences, and beliefs with like-minded souls. The doors to my mind were blown off their hinges during the Clubhouse panel on “Reincarnation, One Life or Many?” conducted on 3/30. One moment I had the settled assumption of a linear path as the soul embarks on its journey to ascension and liberation, the next I am making space in my mind for quantum theory, and multidimensional overlapping timelines! I was floored to find out people can experience a past life during their meditations that were actually lived by a completely different person! This was new information to me, and I greedily took it in.

Another mind-blowing moment hit me when Christine Contini shared how water holds onto information; Laura Cantu affirmed with details of water’s capability to hold memories!

Even the topic of relaxation with martial arts I mentioned earlier took on a new life as Mark Strom noted that without relaxation journeying to experience past lives would be a challenge. He revealed details of his use of music as a healing medium, one that can take you to that important state of travel readiness. I throw my rock salute to anything musical because I’m the guy who relies on his music soundtracks daily. Wicked cool!

That’s my take on it, a small glimpse of the ground that was covered this week. It was amazing, engaging, and nourishing.

So sit back, 
buckle up
and tune in
because we are going to have fun.

Blessings and light to you, and peace to all beings everywhere.