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To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds and examine their pursuits and aversions.”

Marcus Aurelius

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both” Whitman

The Point of No Return – choosing Love

This evening’s discussion amongst my lovely friends flowed like a river, and all our various tales were different individual currents, but oh so familiar. The topic was that moment in our lives where we were presented with:

  • Choice
  • Point of no return
  • Whether to choose a vibration of ascension, of Spirit
  • Shed our old skin.

Or not. This could be called a metaphysical crossroads. The Big event, afterburners are about to be lit on the plane ride to God…And as I listened tonight I observed for most of us there was no going back. 

Indeed in 2006, I could not go back. I could no longer make decisions without intuition, or without harmony. I was now aware of what fear-based entrapment did and could not imagine going back to sleep. I was either awake or pretending to sleep, but I was forever changed. 

As Monika quotes, “I was ready to be ready to be ready!” Yet the next day I probably watched football and ate a hot dog! Awakening does not mean immediate enlightenment! LOL…

The point of no return is boundaryless in its expression. The Grace of awakening obeys no structure, creed, or religion.

And choosing a higher vibration can be revealed differently. I don’t think any single ‘point of no return’ was alike amongst our group share. Experiencing that sublime moment we knew what happened to us as it unfolded although each experience was unique. I remember having an inner smile, and a massive outer smile too. I recall trying to stay awake and read spiritual texts and forget the body’s need for sleep for about four days because that’s what yogis did…that change in habit didn’t last as I wasn’t ready to give up sleep just yet.

Tonight we noted the changes after our awakening: 

  • Lifestyles
  • Trust 
  • Volume of intuition
  • How we teach  
  • Where we live 
  • What we eat and how we heal the body

I discovered after we wake up… this all happens : I walk toward Spirit and God, well run really, and then maybe tripping a few times, then trotting, then sitting on the couch not doing anything in a funk, then waking up again and RUNNING HARD…Christine mentioned she had multiple awakenings. And that makes so much sense! On the path I learned not to judge any of it, not to have false pride in any of it, but to understand the process and keep moving forward.

Since my awakening in 2006, I have been anchored in this quote, “You will come to Spirit in desperation or devotion”. Not everyone needs this line, rather it was part of my journey and I love it. It reminds me I am human, even though I strive to identify more with soul qualities than little ego qualities each day.

I hope, if you haven’t yet, you can share the same upliftment my little family experienced tonight. And If you have, I hope to hear your story.

Blessings, And peace to all beings…Everywhere.