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To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds and examine their pursuits and aversions.”

Marcus Aurelius

“Lighthouses are never placed close together.”

Considering the great spiritual masters and the humble family of healers I get to spend every Tuesday with made me ask this question:

Why aren’t we all hanging out in the same village or shire?

Nearly every clubhouse call that our group and guests share, we realize our wish is to be closer in proximity. But it is not meant to be. As I thought about this, I know we want to be closer to appreciate each other and share in fellowship, yet there are others who need us more.

I ponder if the geographic distance between healers has to do with the mission of healers?

Everyone who seeks shade on a hot day will recognize a shade tree on a desolate mesa. A place of rest, inspiration, and healing. They are not to be found on golf courses where the temperature is a perfect 79 degrees with a fair breeze. If you found a healer there, let me know.

Consider the Great Ones:

Christ was not born in a time of light, we call that era the dark ages for a reason. He was the King Tree on a dangerous, great plain. There were similar circumstances for the Buddha and Krishna. Great saints could not all be born in Nazareth or Mathura. At each place in time our beloved teachers, and humble individuals ventured to where they were needed, and not necessarily where they wished to go.

“We mustn’t subjugate ourselves to the beliefs of others.”

There is a reason people gravitate to the popular phrase, “Sing, dance, play like no one is watching”. Found everywhere from coffee cups and journals to home décor these days. Though we were taught to conform to many social standards of behavior, these pressures did not always reconcile with our inner spirit, our authentic self.

Spirit is our essential nature. In our hearts the limitations of time and strength frustrate us. Imagine we are beyond these constructs living in the flow of light and love.

It’s like Yoda said, “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”.

So when:

  • Phoenix is attempting to use the force as a kid to move objects
  • when Christine REALLY wants the life force in her hands to shoot out like Emperor Palpatine’s blue electricity
  • Aubrie is creating big energy to use her empathy
  • and Laura is making accurate playground predictions in grade school

it is obvious to me that the adults around them should have gotten out of their way. But the stinkers that they are, adults doing their ‘adulting’ hush us, they have us hide our empathic nature and our intuition.

My friends have struggled mightily to return to their magic. They are beams of light casting off someone else’s rules.
In my own journey, I thought I was the crude matter. Clearly, we have to unlearn what we have learned. We can all do this. Uncover the false layers to discover your Super Consciousness. This power resides within all of us.

Our NewEarthNetwork family does not live close. I would have to travel a minimum of 8 hours by car to see the closest in person. We are drawn to practice the experience of being shade trees on our own Mesa’s. Yet, as we end each panel, the empathy, compassion, awareness, and love generated by such openness and sharing transcends the space.

We are amongst one another in those moments, closer than close.

A super power indeed.

Blessings, and Peace to all Beings everywhere.
-Samuel Stewart