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Who I Am Today:


  • Author
  • Creator
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Mother
  • Partner


Don’t ask her to do it the easy way, because Aubrie doesn’t know what that looks like, at least not until recently. When you hear of Aubrie’s life your jaw will drop. Your eyes will bulge. And your heart will melt.

As an Extroverted Empath, Aubrie sees herself at the beginning of her journey of Awakening. Those who know her would challenge you to see past her modest exterior into the powerhouse human life she lives every day. If life brings her a challenge, she faces it with full throttle… just as soon as she decides she’s ready.

Day or night, Aubrie actively pursues self-empowerment. “My vibrations are changing through my meditation and dream walking.” She passionately pursues every opportunity along her path by, “raising my frequency to match my commitment to life.”

Her current course of study and self-empowerment is geared around working on becoming a guide for other Empaths.


Because I Learn, I Teach:

    • Help you embrace your empathic connection
    • Feel comfortable with your uniqueness, the part of you that even you think is rare or weird
    • Challenge you to find a way to self-kindness


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