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  • Existing as a Multi-Dimensional Being
  • Collecting Paranormal Knowledge
  • Authenticity in a Living Reality
  • Embracing and Working with Neurodiversity
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Photography


You can find Phoenix in the trenches actively supporting the personal journeys of others. Whether you are staying clean and sober, or in the depths of your addiction, Phoenix has a way to see you clearly. Go ahead and take that first step towards identifying your underlying issue, the issue that keeps you in a place you want to leave. With support, hope, and healing you can find yourself on the path to ending your need for addictive tendencies.

A neurodiverse individual, Phoenix knows first hand how important it is to embrace your differences and create a more fulfilled existence. Using a progressive method, Phoenix guides you to learn and live as your authentic self.

A vibrant, enthusiastic individual, comfortable in her own skin, Phoenix brings a sense of immediate support and care to every conversation. Her awakened state drives the sharing of her personal experience and history. Continuity and ownership of her truth helps you realize your own spiritual connections, how they move in your life, and the transformations you are experiencing.

Whether you are dealing with addictions or experiencing your spiritual awakening, Phoenix meets you where you are. Through self-actualization, you can pin point the hidden gem that holds you stuck in time in space unable to move freely. Once aware, the flood gates open and you are able to again move freely.



With 15 years of helping experience:

    • Begin the Journey of Addiction Recovery
    • Increased Self-Empowerment
    • Trauma Education and Reflection
    • Support your Ability to Face a Healthy Reality
    • Transition from Desperation and Isolation to Knowledge and Awareness

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