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  • Parenting
  • Family Counseling
  • Conflict resolution
    based martial arts
  • Yoga practice


Sam comes from a place of internal design. This means his self-care routines focus on how he treats himself internally. From his inward meditation to his questioning curiosity, to his overly physical hobbies, each and every aspect of his selected design aligns with his personal goals and behavior as a seeker.

Although he doesn’t particularly see himself as an athlete, Sam loves physical challenges like CrossFit, hiking, yoga, Aikido, and Tai Chi.

In his studies, Samuel holds a special place for Amma in which he utilizes a traditional relationship from India known as the Guru/Disciple relationship.

For a handful of years, the focus of his goals has begun to draw in his next reality—counselor. People just “come to me and bring their thoughts and problems,” says Sam. This connection allows Sam to help others discover their own seeking nature.



With a life of service and practice:

  • Finetune your journey as a seeker
  • Support the path others are on with awareness compassion and empathy
  • Draw your attention away from your faults and move the focus to your power and inner strengths

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